All our meat dishes come with chips and mayonnaise.
**Sauce of your choice: gravy de veau, stroganoff, pepper, blue cheese or mushroom cream sauce.


Warm bread 7,50
with herb butter and fresh olive tapenade

French onion soup 8,50
oven-baked and gratinated

Chef’s soup
see our board for today’s selection

Wonton salmon 15,00
smoked salmon on crispy dough with wakame and wasabi mayonnaise

Beef carpaccio ‘d’Ouwe Tak’ 16,50
with truffle mayonnaise or pesto dressing, Parmesan, croutons, dried tomato, and arugula

Beet carpaccio 13,00
with goat cheese, balsamic reduction and crushed walnut

Dutch shrimp cocktail 19,50
with toast and butter

Fish trio ‘d’Ouwe Tak’ 19,50
smoked salmon, trout, Dutch shrimp with toast and butter

Oven-baked prawns 15,00
in a Thai red curry sauce with baguette

Eel (100g) 21,50
on toast

Burrata 13,50
with tomato and pesto

Escargots 13,50
baked in herb butter with mushrooms, bacon, and onion, served with slices baguette


Pork tenderloin satay 23,50
with prawn crackers, seroendeng and atjar 

Chicken thigh satay 21,50
with prawn crackers, seroendeng and atjar

Beef burger 23,50
with little gem lettuce, tomato relish, pickles, bacon, Old Amsterdam cheese and piccalilly mayonnaise

Dutch beef sirloin steak (225g)** 25,50
with a sauce of your choice, grilled, but can also be pan-fried upon request.

Mixed grill** 26,50
of beef steak, pork tenderloin, and chicken fillet with a sauce of your choice

Spare ribs 27,50
 sweet or spicy – with garlic and/or cocktail sauce

Super schnitzel (300g)** 24,50
with a sauce of your choice

Tournedos (180g)** 29,50
pan-fried or grilled with a sauce of your choice

Veal liver 24,50
with bacon and onion

Beef tenderloin tips 26,50
salad with mesclun salad, little gem lettuce and a piri piri sauce

**sauces: veal jus, stroganoff-, pepper-, blue cheese- or mushroom cream sauce


Catch of the chef daily price

Grilled Argentine prawns 25,50
with pasta, aioli and lemon

Oven-Baked salmon 26,50
with seasonal vegetables, baby potatoes,
roasted tomato and a beurre blanc sauce


Eggplant-filled ravioli 22,00
served with muhammara sauce

Vegetarian lasagna 20,00
with a fresh salad

Meal salad 18,50
with baked goat cheese


Mixed salad 4,95
with homemade dressing

Extra fries 4,75

Extra roasted potatoes 4,75

Extra sauces 3,50


Beef steak or chicken fillet or pork fillet (± 80/100 grams) 15,00
Served with fries, mayo, applesauce and a children’s ice cream

Children’s skewer 13,50
2 bitterballen, 2 chicken nuggets, and 2 mini frikandels, served with fries, mayonnaise/ketchup, applesauce and a children’s ice cream

Children’s ice cream 4,50
with whipped cream


Crème brûlée 8,00

Tiramisu from d’Ouwe Tak 8,50

Dame Blanche 9,50

Coupe “Boerenjongens” 10,50
with vanilla ice cream

Chocolate lava cake 9,00
with caramel-sea salt ice cream

Warm apple pie 9,50
from Holtkamp with cinnamon ice cream

Cheesecake of the week 8,50
with a scoop of ice cream and whipped cream

Sorbet “De Hoop” 9,50
with three rotating flavors of sorbet ice cream


Irish coffee 9,50
French coffee 9,50
Italian coffee 9,50
Spanish coffee 9,50
Gooische coffee 9,50

Coffee 3,30
Espresso 3,10
Cappuccino 4,00
Latte Macchiato 4,50
Café au Lait 4,50
Tea 3,50
Fresh mint or ginger tea 4,00

For groups it is NOT possible to pay per person/apart, we have a handy calculation box for this.

Do you have an allergy?
Let us know and together we will see what we can do for you. We handle your food allergy and/or food intolerance very carefully. Cross-contamination of allergens can never be 100 per cent excluded in our kitchen.


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